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“Big breasts sexy” is out of date? The second quarter’s performance continued by sales fell 14%

Gradually fall in the United States underwear brand Victoria’s Secret’s performance continued to decline, is currently actively looking for new growth point.
In the three months ended June 29th, L’s parent company Brands group’s sales continued to decline year on year 4.7% to $2 billion 750 million, which is the group of second consecutive quarters of decline, the first quarter sales fell 7% to $2 billion 477 million. During the period, the group’s profit fell 45% to $189 million, including a 8% decrease in comparable sales, including the electricity supplier.
Where’s the usual performance continues to decline, the quarter in the United States and Canada sales fell 14% to $1 billion 646 million, compared with 12% in the first quarter decline further expanded; Bath & Body Works’s sales rose 6% to $860 million, and Bath & Body’s Works sales in overseas areas recorded 14.2% significant increase to $113 million.

Trump said that Amazon’s harm to the retail sales fell 14%; throughout the | daily fashion news

Trump said that Amazon’s harm to the retail sales fell 14%; throughout the | daily fashion news
L Brands, the biggest arm of Victoria’s parent company, fell 14% in the second quarter from a year earlier
In the three months ended June 29th, L Brands, the group’s sales continued to decline year on year 4.7% to $2 billion 750 million, which is the group of second consecutive quarters of decline, net profit fell 45% to $189 million, including electricity, comparable sales rose by 8%. Which is still the main drag Group’s performance, the quarter sales fell 14%, while the Bath & Body sales rose 6%. L Brands chairman and CEO Leslie Wexner said after the earnings announcement, global fashion retail constantly changing, L Brands is currently at the critical inflection point of the reform. After the earnings release, L Brands shares fell 6% to $37.16 a share, currently worth about $11 billion 300 million.
Burberry’s new CEO is touring the United States worldwide, or closing 74 stores
According to the latest news Daily mail Burberry CEO Marco, the new Gobbetti officially took office last month, is currently according to the inspection plan of Burberry in the 498 retail stores around the world, to determine which stores need to be adjusted or closed shop. A source said, at present, the United States has 74 stores were Marco Gobbetti into the closed shop category. It is reported that the 57 year old Marco Gobbetti once worked for Celine, close to him during his tenure in the Celine store more than the newly opened stores, willing to sacrifice short-term sales but also to protect and enhance the brand image, focus on the sustainable development potential of the brand stores.
Topshop appoints David Hagglund as new creative director
David Hagglund will formally join the Topshop in September 4th, respectively, as Topshop and Topman creative director. Previously, he has been running his own namesake creative agency, has worked with H&M, Esprit and Hugo, Boss and other brands. Topshop and Topman’s original creative director, Kate Phelan and Gordon Richardson, will be leaving in the second half of this year. Sir Philip Green, President of Topshop’s parent company, said the appointment of David Arcadia means the arrival of a new era of Topshop and Topman, which will further develop the brand globally. Hagglund.

400 million yuan luxury goods smuggling case cracked! Catwalk net CEO was arrested, Yang Mi endorsement has been looking for

Domestic luxury electricity supplier website once again outbreak of scandal. Statistics show that Chinese people buy 30% of the world’s luxury goods, but the Chinese market only accounts for 7% of the global luxury goods market. In recent years, with the increase of domestic market demand and outbound tourism, as well as the factors of price difference, the smuggling activities in luxury goods industry begin to increase.
According to Xinhua news agency and the Southern Metropolis Daily News by Interpol red notice global wanted, August 16th Zhuhai Gongbei customs and the “4.05” case of smuggling suspects were escorted to the discipline of a flight main entry. It is reported that a large number of luxury apparel smuggling entry, mainly through the sale of a well-known business platform of Shenzhen network technology company profit, part of the investigation, the value of network technology companies suspected of involvement in smuggling amounted to 321 million yuan.
It is reported that the network technology company imported luxury goods smuggling, and huge amounts of tax evasion, the company was founded in the end of 2007, launched in 2008, is headquartered in Shenzhen, with subsidiaries or branches in a city and was one of Italy’s top global brand licensing, claiming to be “China first big international fashion brands online retail institutions”, and a discipline that is the famous fashion business parent company of a Shenzhen network technology company founder and leader.
Some netizens speculated that the electricity supplier platform for the catwalk network, the case suspects catwalk network CEO Ji Wenhong, there are catwalk network staff to the media and the outside world confirmed the news. Catwalk network was one of the industry’s most influential electronic business platform, in 2014 by C round of financing. He has invited several Amazon executives to have a purchasing office in more than 20 major fashion cities around the world. In order to promote publicity, catwalk network in the development of the most strong, have spent heavily to find Yang Mi as spokesperson.
According to Gongbei customs, in May 17, 2016 to master a network technology company in Shenzhen is suspected of smuggling important evidence after, Gongbei Customs Bureau Zhongshan branch to carry out arrests, in the city of Shenzhen will be the company’s vice president Wu, director of finance, director of information services, Information Services Department staff arrested, but the case of the main suspects Ji a crackdown in the evening from Shenzhen fled the country. It is worth noting that, this smuggling case opened the electricity supplier of the company’s channels of smuggling channels. The company and a logistics company in Shenzhen with “water”, the latter through large quantities of smuggled luxury immigrants. In this case, the logistics company also offers the same “water” service as a trading company in Zhongshan. According to reports, the case involved a Zhongshan trading company, a network technology company in Shenzhen, Shenzhen sea Amoy company and other companies and the suspect, the case to verify the total value of 438 million yuan.

How are fashion magazines transformed? But the electricity the road may be blocked

The author | Drizzie
With the continued decline in advertising revenue, there have been fashion magazines and websites closed down, and the transformation of the road, electricity providers, this road seems to be blocked, and this is why?
In June this year, the fashion business platform Farfetch announced a partnership with Kangtai Nast group to reach a long-term cooperative partnership, to buy the domain name and the intellectual property business website group, almost officially declared the into the electricity supplier failure. This is undoubtedly to want to get involved in the electricity supplier for the transformation of fashion magazines and media to thump, no one wants to repeat the “” from “Sheng to decline” mistake.
Founded in 2000, was one of the world’s most influential fashion websites, mainly distributing fashion news, street shots and fashion show databases, and for a long time there was no two. After 2010, the fashion media publishing industry began to suffer landslide, Kangtai Shi Shi group made a bold decision, so that first transformed into an electronic business platform.
In September 2015, stops updating, the original site assessment, street fashion show pictures and lifestyle editorial content all moved to, transition to the new shopping shopping guide platform, intended to provide to the user experience. September 2016, as an electricity supplier and multi-channel shopping platform in the UK on-line, the site does not hold any inventory, the signing of the brand’s own profits and losses.
When the website is on the line, President Franck Zayan was originally optimistic about the future of this business platform, plans to continue to expand the site in Europe and the United States after the UK on-line. However, did not change to be optimistic, analysts have questioned, do not have much experience in the field of electricity supplier Kangtai Nashi how to compete with Net-a-Porter and other luxury retail giants, and how to make the website fashion editor with business thinking. Many industry sources have pointed out that Kangtai Shi Shi Group is a publisher rather than an online retailer.

Bally seeks to sell, valued at $700 million, to collect luxury fashion brands sold in the past 6 months

With the continued turmoil in the global geopolitical and industry, fashion industry since the beginning of this year, there have been many large luxury brand acquisitions, has 160 years of history, the latest Bally or will become a luxury brand for sale.
According to Bloomberg latest news, European Investment Group JAB Holding Co.’s Swiss luxury brand Bally has started the sale process, insiders expect the transaction price of about $700 million. Previously, Bally was held by the American private equity fund TPG, which was bought by JAB for $650 million in 2008, with annual sales of over $411 million.
It is reported that the potential buyers have received relevant information issued by JAB, the initial plan to provide guidance in mid September offer. Some analysts expect the potential buyers of Bally, or Italian company, and possibly investors from china. Up to now, JAB has not responded to information about the sale of Bally.
Bally was founded in 1851, is a shoe started Swiss luxury brand, with its strict production process and exquisite design, has gradually grown to a high degree of credit of the luxury brand, and China entered the market in 1986, is the first to enter the Chinese luxury brand.
In April, JAB said for the first time that it would focus on consumer goods such as coffee and food and plans to divest its fashion business and sell its two luxury brands. After Coach, Michael, Kors and Chinese buyers took turns bidding, Michael Kors bought the British luxury footwear brand Jimmy Choo in July 25th for $1 billion 200 million from JAB.

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